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A nice list of free porn sites

I recently wrote about a premium porn sites list website and plenty of you commented, that nobody pays for porn these days and some even were mad that I shared that with you. So probably that post wasn’t that interesting to you. This is why, I decided to share something similar, but something different and I hope, that this time you will be much happier.

I’m talking about, a website that has listed plenty of free porn sites. And a lot of them I’ve never heard of, so it’s a good site to expand your free porn resources.

Let me ask a similar question again. What are your top 3 free porn sites? Or top 3 porn sites, whether it’s free or paid. (in case the paid sites are better than free sites for you). Let me know in comments.

What are the best premium porn websites? Smut Rank has the answer!

I know I know I know… you probably don’t pay for porn, but still some people do that and prefer it that way, because it’s a lot safer than surfing all these free porn sites filled with unknown popups which you never know what will pop.

So, in case you’re wondering which sites are the best or you’re just looking for something new – has all the answers for you (or well… the most). They have plenty of categories and at least 5-6 sites in each category (they even got two listed in the premium celebrity sites category).

Good thing is that you can check what are some good sites in a specific category. There are also user comments, there you can leave your own “feedback” on the specific website, so other users will be able to read it. You can also rate a website and people are able to have a list sorted by users score in each category.

Let me know in comments, which of all the premium sites are your top 3?

Lady Gaga Nude – American Horror Story (2015) s05e09 – HD 1080p

Download HD video with Lady Gaga (as The Countess) from American Horror Story (2015) s05e09. Lady Gaga is an American singer-songwriter, actress. Age – 31 (March 28, 1986).


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New Leaks: True or Fake?

Message from 4chan. True or fake?

By Someone in the know:
Confirmed list:
Marisa Tomei
Kelly Hu
Giada de Laurentiis
Kylie Jenner
Analeigh Tipton
Carice van Houten
Alyssa Arca
Lacey Banghard
Jillian Murray
Holly Willoughby
more Victoria Justice and Madison Reed
more Abigail Spencer
more JLaw sort of
more Millie Mackintosh
more Laura Ramsey
=All true, only thing haven’t heard of again since made that list is Jenner…
Unconfirmed but probable:
Kirsten Dunst Video
more Aubrey Plaza
more Bella Thorne (assuming that she does not just go ahead and show us all via Snapchat, same goes for Lia Marie Johnson)
Meisha Tate
lliza Shlesinger
Jordan Capozzi (rapper Lil Debbie)
Wendy McColm
Paz de la Huerta
more Keke P
= Haven’t heard more on KDunst, Plaza, Thorne, McColm, dela Huerta or Palmer. Confirmations on everything else