22 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (8 Photos)

  1. Wawaweewaa

    I wish the hype around this beached whale would hurry up and die.

    I mean she literally has a career solely because she’s a fat hot chick.

  2. aaron

    she is hot all u people who waste your time coming here and looking and commenting are just fucking idiots there are other girls to look at or go somewhere else cause to me it’s getting old

  3. Jay

    She’d be alright if it wasn’t for her 180 pound ass. That thing is fucking disgusting but I guess thefappening needs the black dude traffic too

  4. Dr. Gramps

    Cellulite, stretch marks, and lumpy fat-ridden skin turn me off. She’ll be looking really nasty when she starts to lose collagen and ellasticity if she keeps the weight on as she ages. Buhhhhhh

    Beautiful face though!


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