17 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (8 New Photos)

    1. Jeremy

      Everyone knows you are a faggot who will never touch a woman’s pussy other than your moms (Which you touched when you were born).

    2. zippo

      you’re absolutely right I do like her and she is beautiful but you dont know shit sonny……I’m not black though and you’re probably a no dicked motherfucking cellar dweller….

  1. Zippo

    Guess you win – I do love her – great face and a body made for slap and tickle. Black or not she’s one hell of a woman!

  2. YeahImCallingYouBitchesOut

    I can see some of you faggots don’t know what beauty is.
    All women are beautiful. This girl right here​ looks sexy asf.
    Saying she’s a dump truck or she should lose weight can shove a dick up their ass.

  3. snipes

    Any idiots who think she is hot is fucking blind and stupid desperate, like what haven’t you seen her real pictures she looks like cottage cheese from the waist down.


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