18 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (5 New Photos)

  1. FAT

    Why do they keep posting such repulsive fat pigs? Thank God there is a link to go right to the comments section without having to look at these disgusting pictures.

  2. Andrew

    I’ve never seen saddle bags on the side of the back. Way to go with female empowerment – it’s ok to be fat

  3. Muffdiver

    So she says she wants to Fuck you,your gonna tell her no? Fuck outta here. Highly doubt it!! She is fucking sexy,unless you like fucking girls that are skin and bones

    1. Just sayin

      My hardon has no conscious so I’d fuck her if needed. She’d be in the list when it’s time to go ugly early and beat the rush. As daily wear, absolutely not!!

    1. AJ

      Toll alert on Mr. E. Don’t worry E (which probably stands for “Error upon Birth”), only a nigger can fuck a thick real woman like that. Not a red neck pEncil Dicked faggot like yourself. Btw, it’s that same nigger who’s fucking ur momma and trailer trash sister right now.

    1. nuttybuster

      how would you even find the hole between the folds of fat that make up her ass? and how would you even know where her “ass” begins and ends?

      I say you should forget about her and keep taking it in the ass yourself.

  4. Jay~D

    wow really these comment are sad its funny do you all know how much more money she’s making then any of poster and poser she is beautiful just some Haattters. She is not fat at all you people need to see what fat is not all women over a size 1 is fat.


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