26 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (21 Photos)

  1. wawawe

    Can’t wait for this cow’s 15 minutes to die out.

    Makes sense she’s dating a black guy. Only big black dicks are big enough to work their way through all that fat to get to the wet spot.

  2. Brutus

    Nice,I’d like to lick her big fat pussy,then eat that big fat butt hole after she eats White Castle.

    Yea,I’m a nasty Fuck

  3. Jebus

    Look at all the virgins that would have no idea what to do with this fine lady if they had her in bed!

    Go back to jerking off to your airbrushed anorexic skeletons, little boys.

  4. Az

    You’re all freaks on here. Thank god nobody can see your faces. You all need help and all need to be a little less queer.

  5. Lovethemall

    Jebus & Az know what’s up. Now that’s a woman right there. And yeah, you guys are gay as can be. I can tell you this. Every girl posted on here gets hate. Even for a fucking tattoo. Y’all faggots that’s all.

  6. Doug

    Goddammit, what the fuck has she been eating? I couple more buffets and she’ll be Lucy Collet sized. But, I like ’em fat and sweaty.

  7. AJ

    I have no problem with this thick well known sweetness. The only complaint I have about this set is that this set is lame as shit. Not one ass shot, or bikini pokies, or see through. No, this didn’t do it for me at all. Just random pics of some thick chick in a bikini for me now.


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