Ashley Graham Sexy (19 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Ashley Graham is seen here in all her natural beauty in a series of unretouched photographs from a beach shoot for the launch of her Summer 2018 swimwear collection.

The 30-year-old American model has fittingly called the new line ‘Power Of Paparazzi’. In the snaps, the plus-size model shows off her curvy figure in a plethora of bikinis and swimsuits from her collaboration with Swimsuits For All. The images were shot on a beach in Miami, 05/01/2018.

Ashley explained that she wants women to feel empowered by the photos and feel confident in their skin, despite their perceived ‘imperfections’.



42 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (19 Photos)

  1. iamhere

    Morbidly obese 30-year-old American model who will die by 40…yeah lets promote the shit out of her….GROSS!!!!

  2. chubby

    lol….all the negative comments from people who just looked at her pics probably j/o and not as fat and ugly as their wives!!

    1. white_knights_are_fags

      Good job homo. I’m sure this disgusting pig bitch appreciates your white knighting efforts. Screen shot your brave defense of her and send it to her so she might possibly grace you with a blowjob and use her pig snout to root out your micro-pen and eat it for dessert.

  3. JrSalami

    Disgusting cow….she looks best when they photoshop that cellulite away…nice and smooth. Real life is not fun or nice or cute for that cow.

  4. bob

    some farmer should really be ashamed for putting a bathing suit on that cow. isnt that animal abuse?

    1. Always the penis boy

      Who cares bout your opinion. We know you’re into the rusty trombone you gender confused faggot.

  5. WTF

    Untouched? All but the last set were untouched.

    As for “perceived imperfections”, yes nothing is perfect in reality but this fat lazy pig expects everyone to accept her laziness and cater to her non-healthy life choices. This bitch is only 30 and is making excuses for her weight. She’s riding the anti-fat shaming politically correct train that plagues all PC westernized countries.

    Go on a diet, do cardio, get healthy, and get skinny bitch. Never stop working at it and keep up that healthy lifestyle once you get there; you may attract members of the top 20% of men that all women want but can’t get. Then maybe, and just maybe your modeling career may have some success. You can be like the rest of the loser women who earn 6 figures a year by taking pictures of their asses in a bikini and posting it on instagram or other social media shit. It’ll work better for you, from fat to skinny with a tight perky ass; that always sells.

  6. BillyBlob

    There is *nothing* ‘sexy’ about this fucking cow. All this PC bullshit – inclusion…everybody gets a trophy…has got to stop. While she has a pretty face…the rest of her needs to go on a starvation diet.

    1. Postmodernedegelord

      I’m guessing your fat Vinz. Getting pissy at people calling a fat girl fat. Ya Vinz is fat. Enjoy heart disease

  7. Spooky

    Bunch of stupid, insecure little boys. Morbid obesity? Hardly. Big,. . But men like all kinds. Full figured and in need of fat loss? Yes. But men like all kinds, and she is damned pretty, no matter her size.And, she gets modeling jobs for a resins.try to grow up little boys.

    1. Postmodernedegelord

      What fucking language are you speakkng? Seriously. If you want to insult people at least say it properly. Also you state that men like all kinds. Well some men don’t like her. Get over captain Nospeakydaengloshgpod.

    2. Lane

      9 out of 10 men don’t like her, the ones that do either are lonely and can’t do better or are also obese, how can anyone say that it’s ok to be fat when she for example can’t even run for 5 or 10 minutes without taking a break to rest because otherwise she would pass out, that is if she can even run, i doubt she can.

    3. Fuck White Knighting Homos

      Just because you like fucking barn animals doesn’t mean everyone does Cletus. Also stop white knighting for women on line, especially women that don’t even have a human shape.

  8. Lane

    Only in America someone would call an obese woman that can’t even run for 10min without feeling like she is dying and passing out a “natural beauty” LOL!!!!

  9. Itching for war

    Hey faggots, believe it or not, before tumblr brainwashed everyone to think that women under 150 pounds don’t exist, most of us normal sized guys were fucking normal sized women, and fat men fucked fat women. You all want to talk about “blaming society” for what people perceive as normalcy and rational thought, yet all you’re trying to do is impose your views on everyone else and demand we adhere to them, or else we are sexist racist homophobic fascist bigoted virgins. The only reason you all like fat chicks is because nu society is now telling you that if you don’t, you’re just listening to what society has instilled in you about women. You’re all fuckin hypocrites of your own design and it needs to fucking stop.

  10. Wiggles

    What’s sad is that she’ll probably reach a point where she wants to lose weight and be healthier. And once that weight is gone, those tits are going to look like just like IHOP pancakes.

  11. Indecline713

    I’d love to cum all over her cottage cheese Stomach. I’d fuck her back fat rolls all night long!

  12. Gary Porter

    In another 5 years that fat bitch will have type 2 diabetes and be rolling around in a wheelchair LOL

  13. Troy for the win

    She is gorgeous, no doubt in my mind she would look better if she lost weight though. But thats her niche, the pretty plus size model. Haven’t been with any big girls but i’d bet she’s a good time in the sack

  14. Brian Hamilton

    Ashley Graham is beautiful and sexy! Her weight is in all the right places. I love curvy girls!!!

  15. Robotas

    I really don’t get it. How can some people call this all natural curvy hottie real woman, a cow or fat pig or a whale. And then they call Nicky Minaj a hot sexy bitch, which is was a slim chick trying to be a fake version of a curvy woman (fake butt, fake titties, and always with a shitty make-up and wig). Then are the others who prefer all natural chicks slim and fit, like wood boards, and call Miley Cyrus the hottest bitch to fuck. WTF!
    I have seen cows, fat pigs, and whales and they are really disgusting to watch, specially in porn videos. Those obese women are at least double or triple the size and weight of this woman. Here’s an example:
    Ashley is not a perfect, fantasy model goddess, but a real all natural sexy woman, who only needs to workout that flabby ass to make a natural fit goodlooking bubble butt.

  16. Ryan

    Obvious trolls are obvious. This website doesn’t require registration, so all the “she’s a fat ugly bitch” comments are probably all by the same handful of people. It really is sad that these keyboard cowboys need to do that shit to make themselves feel better. Their fat hatred is an anomaly at best. Maybe mommy used to beat them if they ate too much candy on Halloween. Or maybe they just grew up so poor and their crackhead parents never fed them that they grew this unhealthy hatred of food and especially of people who enjoy food. Or, maybe they’re just snobby losers with ugly ass girlfriends and they look for any reason to cut down women they know they could never get. Who knows? It’s something psychological, that’s for sure, but it could be anything.

    All that really matters at the end of the day is that this Ashley Graham chick gets to travel the world, go home to a nice house, enjoy a nice relationship, and make a ton of money. She’s got more fans worldwide than these fat haters can even count to. And despite her weight, she’s not ugly. She’s got enough money to hire the best personal trainers and dietitians in the world if she wanted. She can put on or take off as much weight as wants, but since she’s a “plus size model” she has to maintain a certain look for these clothing lines. And as the old saying goes, fat people can lose weight but you’re ugly, and that shit lasts forever.

    Anyway. I’m sure no one will read this, and I’ll never see any replies to it. If you did read it and agree with me, then thanks. If you don’t agree with me then you’re probably one of those fat hating pieces of shit. Sorry you can’t afford food or whatever your issue is. Good luck with your mental issues.


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