16 thoughts on “Ashley Graham Sexy (13 Photos + Gifs & Video)

  1. Vulture

    Good strategy, pose with someone who is fatter than you to draw some of the heat off yourself. Honestly, though, I think she looks just fine since she lost that little bit of weight.

  2. Jr Salami

    Very nice…a bit too much weight on her..but near perfect…really. And she’s probably an incredible great fuck in bed….lot better than half the skinny shapeless hoes posted here.

  3. Doug

    Saying fat useless people is grammatically redundant, it should say useless fat people, and yes, you can accuse me of being a grammar nazi if you’d like

  4. Lovethemall

    You guys saying she’s a whale or over weight makes me laugh. Y’all can’t handle a woman like this. A bunch of sad mf’s.


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