26 thoughts on “Ashley Graham – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

  1. Georgia97

    She wasn’t eligible for the body paint section as they didn’t have an industrial sprayer. They were still able to hose her down and feed her some peanuts at the end of the day.

  2. dan

    She is fat… huge girl… Sometimes she looks good, but in most of the pics she just look fat and gross even with the huge ammount of photoshop they use on her

  3. Luca

    Lol faggots get a life she is fucking sexy I would lick her asshole every single day . why u don’t go and watch gay porn instead of saying bullshit about sexy goddesses like Ashley ? Miserable fags who get horny with skinny girls lol

  4. Jimmy

    Isn’t it great that Sports Illustrated is working toward normalizing overweight people? Let’s all gather for a hug and sing kumbaya.

  5. Lovethemall

    Move aside faggots she’s too much of a woman for you guys. I’ll take her any day of the week.

    I’d like to believe the only faggots talking out of their asses are from the UK/Europe.

  6. Sanity

    A bunch of basement dwelling virgins commenting every time an Ashley post goes up. You’d nut if this chick touched your hand lol

  7. GrammarCheckr

    And there’s the beached whale that started this whole SI move to fat pigs being in the mag for the SJW crowd.

    So far this year we’ve seen fat pigs, a black girl with the body of a 12 yo boy, and an amputee.

    Where’s the transsexual asian midget?

  8. WB

    The girl does have an incredibly nice looking face! A few extra pounds but she wears it well! Yeah, if she was skinny she would be stunning but she is still hot.

    1. S4M

      She’s hot? That’s because of her high blood pressure, diabetes and over active thyroid.

      This chick would break into a sweat and have an asthma attack watching people eat on TV.

  9. Ren

    Are they trying to discourage men from buying this magazine? No, fat women are not appealing. That’s why no one wants to fuck them. The fucking Liberals are using the great annual male-fantasy tradition to further their campaign to undermine or ridicule male sexuality.

  10. Solidsnx

    The only sports Fatty McFatfat here knows is the pie eating contests. She should never be in sports illustrated. All the so called men calling other guys gay for not wanting to see fat women in SI, we know you are actually women trying to shame men for being honest. If not, grow some balls you SJW pussy. The women is fat, she’s not hot. Have some damn standards. Oh, and my girlfriend agrees.


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