34 thoughts on “April Love Geary Leaked (11 Pics + Video)

    1. Zippo

      …another moister…there can only be one real zippo the hippo….that’s me window licker short bus rider….

  1. Endgame

    I’m not complaining by any means but I don’t get it. A lot of these women that are getting their no so private photos leaked online for the world to see try to maintain the decent I’m not a slut type of public image. Yet here they are either taking crotch selfies or have someone taking them for them. And of all things, take them with their phones and leave them there or back them up to the cloud.
    Back in the day, sure, my wife and I took some x rated polaroids, had a laugh along with more sex then the pics ended up in the back of a drawer or closet then eventually ended up destroyed and in the trash.
    Why do people save them these days and need instant access to them as well as taking the risk for the world now to see? Guess they could be used for an instant icebreaker at a dinner party or something..

    1. GrandpaJean

      Ah the ol “Back in my day!” talk. A lot of devices backup pictures automatically it’s not like people are going out of their way to upload things to their cloud. You also seem to underestimate how smart the people who leak these things are, it doesn’t take a celebrity keeping these around for people to get a hold of them. The picture only has to exist for a brief moment before other people have it saved as well.

  2. Obviously

    For fat old zippo in the basement, you’d actually need to have some sort of sexual contact to get a STD. Since we know that’s not plausible, maybe it’s just old man incontinence.

    1. zippo

      who pulled your chain? better get to the rear of the line….all the good spots are taken…..or better yet have another cookie….

      1. Yuri K

        Wow – another zinger.. you really are the word master Professor Z. you’d be funny if you weren’t so Fuckin’ pathetic.

        1. Stupid

          Yup, zippo aka zero actually thinks his pathetic posts are funny and have some value on the forum. For sure he is “that guy” everybody hates and avoids at all costs.


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