18 thoughts on “Amber Rose’s Bush (1 Photo)

  1. TheReviewer

    You can see her taking a dick in the doughnut-hole via google. Why even post this barely-R-rated shit?

  2. Zippo

    …double wide cum dumpster right there…boi dike hair is a plus reminding me of the pboi toy….the leftover chocolate spunk in the trunk could be tasty treat….just impossible for me to get past ghetto booty to make any penetration….tweezer mode activated….

  3. Snipes

    Only a idiot who contracted Feminism would find this hot…she looks like a male slug with mold growing out of it’s slime trail.

  4. Spankmaster

    For those who care, more than definitely fuck this thing with at least five condoms on your dick and then wash yourself in hospital strength domestos afterwards. Lord only knows where she has been, who (or what) she has done and why she has survived this long before her cooch gave up in disgust. But then, I don’t judge, I just make truthful statements. And I like traffic lights…


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