15 thoughts on “Amber Rose Sexy (18 Photos)

  1. Zippo

    …not sure what the fascination is with ghetto wide load ass…prefer my asses muscular….with a wisp or two of hair….and a ball sack hanging beneath….zippo clones to follow with their 5th grade retorts…accept no substitutes…Andreas der Große cuck is the original zippo…

      1. Rik

        Exactly, the amount of negative comments about women on this site, one would thing this was faggot central.

  2. Dethtou Amreeka

    The ultimate Hoe. Would smash to pieces and prolly get a sore weiner afterwards. #botchedcircumcisionsmakesexhurt

  3. zippo

    she has such a beautiful face and when she smiles shit is nothing but gorgeous….faggot zippo is losing his shit and hallucinating his desires……what a fucking jackass bitch…..just once you mealworm, just once and you’d be a greasy spot in the road…..

    1. zippo

      …if I didn’t know better I’d think the ball-less wonder just threatened me…I know that’s not possible cause the little drama queen pansy would quiver into a pool of his own piss and shit in my presence….face it little cuck, everything is out of your league as a basement dwelling Twinkie consuming cuck….still, I know you meant you wanted a dollop af baby batter on your ass….the faggotty stuff is right up your alley…dirt alley….

  4. nacho

    Built like a custom frame Honda. Literally.

    Assembly-line azz, tourniquet thin abdomen and jelly jello mammiez

    And buzzsawed (literally like someone took a saw to the dome) cranium


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