19 thoughts on “Amber Rose Sexy (72 Photos)

  1. Kermit

    I’m surprised that guy legs aren’t collapsing under him. Hasn’t trained his legs a day in his life

    1. zippo

      Ok ASSJAMMER…. here you are living in your mother’s basement not understanding what a REAL WOMAN LOOKS LIKE….. again

        1. AJ

          Oh my goodness, I really do have a clone outthere calling himself AJ and than actually posting as though it’s me. Wow, scary. Zippo, that AJ clone isn’t me, this is and I still think you’re a faggot. Sad to see though trolls on this site can’t be original and use their own profile name. Just another great feature of this site that one can hide behind someone else’s name. Guess we just have to live with it. Only the moderator would be able to do something about this by checking the user’s IP address, but that will never happen because this is what this sad site is all about. Getting viewers……..truly a sad thing.

          To my AJ clone, bring your momma to my house if you have nothing to do with your time. Now there are not only faggot Zippo clones, just like Zippo himself is a faggot, but now there are AJ clones. We could name this “Zippo and AJ”.

      1. Zippo

        beautiful woman with a few too many tats but a gorgeous face….nice and voluptuous…..and look who is here spewing shit again…..the fake me…..

  2. Doogle

    All I see is a Fat skinhead and a black guy who seriously needs to stop skipping leg day at the gym

  3. Brutus

    Mmmmm Fuck i wouldn’t even pull out. And then French Montana has to go and ruin shit. Fucking clown as bitch that can’t rap. Yet he hitting all these thots. Fml

  4. Jay

    Holy fuck, how low do your standards officially have to be to consider this nasty fat fake white-ghetto gutter-slut sexy?

  5. Issi

    Which ever way you look at it, shes got a fat arse, that shes trying to hide , with some sort of netting.


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