20 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried Naked (12 Photos)

  1. Monkey Man

    I love how in half of these (the blurry ones from the 80’s with the best tit shots) there is a brunette with brown eyes. Looks like her but it’s most certainly not. Agreed that most of the other ones are her though.

    1. it doesn't matter

      Actually it is her. It’s a movie called “love lace.” Look it up. If you knew anything about it you would know.

        1. Walter a Bowen Jr.

          There is NO WAY that is Rose McGowan. Although Her Hair is Brown,You can clearly see that it is Amanda. Just Look at The Faces in all of The Photos. They are all the same.

    2. Ol' Sarge

      Just look up the movie “Lovelace” and check out who stars in it. Alternatively, look at her IMDB page for a movie called Lovelace.” Is a biographical film about the life of Linda Lovelace, the star of the movie “Deep Throat” and many other porn films in the early days of the genre. She went on to speak out against the evils of the industry and how they used the women as chattel, and became an advocate for abused women and girls of the porn industry.

  2. Spankmaster

    This girl is like Mila Kunis in that they both have fantastically beautiful large eyes. For that reason alone, I am quite willing to fuck either woman until the cows come home…


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