85 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried Leaked (22 Photos)

  1. Sterling

    I think it’s real. Quick Google search matched the rings she’s wearing as well as those heels. If it is a fake ( and i don’t think it is) good on the creator.

    1. pharoahegypt

      Like your good self, arse Bandit.??

      You wouldn’t know diff between real or fake if it fell on your dumb head.. lol.

    2. Zippo

      who? you? looks real to me….she’s slimmed down if this is her but the tits are the same albeit they were a bit larger and plumper in her last bunch of movies….

    3. ailein

      If it’s a fake, why did pics disappear? And why does Amanda ask sites to erase her pics?

      All pics are down

  2. Bobofromyellowstone

    It’s not fake. The only shame is the weight she lost. Her nips are still perfect but her tits went from big and full to a disappointing 32b.

  3. frank

    This picture looks fake but all the others photos off her phone don’t. Now we know Justin isn’t that Long

  4. David Wells

    Isn’t she very pregnant right now, I don’t see the belly, so if it’s real it can’t be to recent!

  5. Bobofromyellowstone

    Come to find out this is just one pic of a set that is also actually a Justin long dick pic leak.
    She is giving him a bj on a raft of some sort. Full set is out there if you know where to look.

  6. CK

    I don’t imagine she would just show off her tits like that. I think somebody photoshopped away the dress, so it’s possible this could be fake. Then again, I’m no expert, but her tits DO look a bit smaller than how they appeared in the films she was naked in. I guess I’ll look around online elsewhere and see if others post it. Of so, it’s real. If not, then it’s probably fake. :\

  7. CK

    Shit, with her giving a blowjob, it sure as hell looks like her. I’m gonna say these are real leaks. Please let these be real.

  8. DetectiveInspector

    The rings are the same in the pictures and can be seen being worn by her in photos on google images – Id say REAL

  9. ronoliver

    What about that picture on all fours on the bed? Is she into bestiality and wants the dog to mount her or something?

  10. Nadia

    Amanda is very nice. In these pictures i can see just the alive person who loves the life. Yes, it is not pleasant if everyone can see your private pictures, but that`s it! She didn`t kill anyone. And she can do what she wants in her life. It is not our business.

  11. Jeff

    Is that nut in her mouth in that second to last one? Btw you guys should enjoy these right now because her lawyers are already sending letters

  12. Jon

    Is that nut in her mouth on the second to last pic? Also everybody should enjoy these while you can since her lawyers are already sending letter to websites

  13. Tomas

    I have a question – I have done all these activities with my gf, and she looks good naked, but why take pics? Some silly ones I understand, like the dress, but blowing a guy with amazonian pubes on a raft, naked hugging… etc, What good comes out of it? Are all the guy pics justin long, are some the new husband?

  14. The Dude

    These are definitely real, because Amanda pretty much confessed to the press when she asked for her intimate photos to be taken down. The Emma Watson boobs are fake, as evidenced by the knee coming out of the water (her knees aren’t that perfect, I’m afraid, it’s her worst feature – don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those dumbasses who says he isn’t attracted to Emma Watson, I’m attracted to pretty much all women like all you other dudes as long as….you know, they’re not…..a kind way to say this?….as long as they don’t struggle with chubshuality. And, fat girls, it’s not hopeless – I have seen women lose 300 pounds and actually look pretty darn sexy afterwards. And, it’s good for your health! But, I digress. All the other women attract me. But, those knees…..I guess everyone has that one bad feature. My freakishly large penis is my curse until I can find a way to have that monster reduced. Again, I digress. Emma is attractive, and I wish those were her boobs, but we’ve all seen her pokies and a see through and a side boob with nipple and her nipples aren’t that big! Now, I’m really off in the weeds, given that this is a post about Amanda. Amanda is gorgeous, but I feel these pictures are a letdown because she showed no vagina, and I’ve already seen her vagina in that photo shoot where she was up on the wall thing and showing her vulva crack under the dress with the thong pulled off to the side. Those pics kept me warm many a night. But, in this set, there’s no vag anywhere to be seen. The only pic that really does it for me is the one where she is on all fours showing some butt – we haven’t seen too much of her butt. Still, I’d like to see it pointed at us or just a “standing there” butt shot, just to get the image of what she looks like from the back imprinted in my brain. I have to be honest – I’m not really a boob man, and there wasn’t much in this set to excite me and my monstrous member. It sucks – now that she has a kid, this was my last best chance just to get the full monty and full backy and full between-the-leggy, and it’s just so disappointing. She is hot, and she has great boobs – I just need the baby gate.

  15. pervet 18

    You can still watch the leaked pictures on other sites. CelebGate has all of them for example, just Google them 🙂

  16. Mickey Varco

    Sometimes you guys need to take the time on checking the problem with your site’ if the photos are not showing like Amanda’s here, I really think you should fix that problem with it so it could be seen again. I guess we need to re-look at them once more’ as well for the old ones years back, I hope you’ll take the time on fixing it soon.

  17. jay

    these are real it seems and the justin long blow job video is all over the web. but as soon as one hits the non dark web sites that are very popular her P.R. team sends out C&D letters to the sites to pull them down.

    so now all we get are screen grabs. and photos that may be real or not but most are old at this point..


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