13 thoughts on “Aly Raisman Nude (8 Photos)

  1. iceman7770516

    She is nude… I guess. But, with only arm in the way side profile shots, what difference does it make?

  2. yrudum

    Remember when gymnasts were actually attractive, toned women and not the muscle-bound brutes they are today? Oh, for the good ol’ days.

    1. Hippity

      Heh. She is attractive and toned. Guess your idea of “the good ol’ days” is days filled with anorexic twelve-year-old boys in unitards. No tits. No ass. Sucks to be you, buddy.

      1. Scooby Doo

        Trust me. She’s a gymnast so she’s likely never had any hair down there. Well not the BUSH you think. Leotards and bush don’t go together.,


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