17 thoughts on “Aly Raisman – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    1. Weoneworld

      And you might wash up these kinda rude and childish words before ever write a reply addressing to a girl learn to be polite… Also couch theory that you heard of is decreasing last decades having as proof smart women as her decided creating a movie being your own movie director as a female type of hardly but definitely true way being on your own it’s the best choice to counter and defeat the misogyny nowadays… Now that being said to clear this for the answer is she would never accept any compromise just for a bigger amount of money knowing she’s smart humble and that she can achieve anything she wants keeping the dignity staying humble and hustle on her own as always that’s the truth, have good days.

    1. Slim Pedro

      I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make a Nassar comment. Lol.
      If no one else had done it, I was going to.

      1. klawicki

        You really think he is doing it because he thinks it is funny? No. Doug is suicidally lonely. The hated he gets from the internet is bette than having no one ever think about he in his actual life.


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