18 thoughts on “Allison Parker’s New Solo Show (2018)

  1. And..

    It’s so easy to judge somebody you don’t have the fucking little idea about, damn it.
    Instead of show that you don’t have a damn occupation only spending your parents money and spread bullshit infantile lies about a person.
    And by the way, no matter if a girl’s posing nude or whatever she’s doing with her free time, the main idea is nobody have the right to judge a person on this world.
    It being said that’s the reason you should think at your own business.

  2. Please

    Tell me that’s her retarded brother and not the guy she’s fucking? I feel so bad for her. You just put me off her forever.

  3. Ponch

    Pure Lov3, nice ass, Lovely soles, i dont think are dirty? Is a little bit but perfect and gooDamm I WANNA GRAB THAT ASS!


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