12 thoughts on “Alexis Ren Sexy (27 Photos)

    1. Sheldon

      Awful that she mutilated her tits and face. She was beautiful, fresh, and natural. Then probably took some shitty advice from a West Coast asshole agent/ manager telling her to do it.

      Fuck LA for putting this shit mainstream of lip injections and fake tits, face alterations and but implants and injections and so on

  1. donovan

    WTF happened to her face?! She used to be a perfect 10 now it’s defenitely less.
    Doesn’t she have any real friends who would tell her that she doesn’t need plastic surgery…
    A lot of fucked up mindsets nowadays

  2. barry berry

    Plastic surgery for sure. Not enhancing……………Not really a classically beautiful face. Nice body. Ho-hum.


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