Alexandra Daddario Ass (11 Photos)

New sexy photos of Alexandra Daddario in the red swimsuit and other sexy actresses on the set of “Baywatch” (2017) in Miami,  03/16/16. Hot lifeguards! Alexandra Daddario is an American actress, known for “True Detective” (TV), “The Last Man on Earth” (TV), “The Sopranos” (TV), “San Andreas”. Age: 30 (March 16, 1986).


Alexandra Daddario Ass 1

Alexandra Daddario Ass 2 Alexandra Daddario Ass 3 Alexandra Daddario Ass 4 Alexandra Daddario Ass 5 Alexandra Daddario Ass 6 Alexandra Daddario Ass 7 Alexandra Daddario Ass 8 Alexandra Daddario Ass 9 Alexandra Daddario Ass 10 Alexandra Daddario Ass 11


12 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario Ass (11 Photos)

  1. Ruination

    One of the most beautiful women on the planet right now.

    Fuck trash like the Kardashians and Hadids. This is where is it at.

    1. Anon Y mous

      Hard to tell if those are simply bad choices in lipstick color and application of it (like a little kid over applying the lipstick beyond the outer lip) or something deeper.

  2. Frank

    I get the point that turdsandwich is trying to make but compared to some of the other stick figure actresses in Hollywood Alexandra Daddario is a Goddess! I would gladly burn the soles of my feet walking on a bed of hot coals to score a date with her.

    I also do believe she may have lost a little weight Turlough. But I think she did it for the “Baywatch” movie. I mean c’mon it’s Baywatch which means babes in bikinis.

    1. turdsandwich

      No doubt. She’s smoking hot, just not beautiful was all I was saying. And yeah she’s a little more full figured than some of Hollywood. But there are several like Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried, Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Benson, who I think have prettier faces and also have curvier bodies. And don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn her down, but I guess we all have different standards when it comes to movie stars compared to girls we would actually date in real life. Not to mention the fact we never consider whether we would want to sit down and actually talk to them or you know hang out with them for extended periods of time.


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