Alessandra Ambrosio Sexy (116 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Alessandra Ambrosio is seen putting her amazing curves on display in a cheeky black bikini during an afternoon spent on the beach playing volleyball in Los Angeles, 03/18/2019.

The top model was seen stretching and diving for the ball and even gave her daughter a few tips as they played with friends. Hard to believe this mom of 2 will be turning 38 in a few short weeks.


13 thoughts on “Alessandra Ambrosio Sexy (116 Photos)

    1. Dieter

      …and I say amazing because I wanted to get everyone’s attention with that tall tale. Everybody knows I couldn’t find my little pecker with a map, flashlight, magnification, and step by step instructions. I do like to pretend though. I use a lot of fake names and I’ve claimed to dribble on plenty of hotties. The only dribbling I do though is the drool from my mouth when I see food, especially the tube steak.

  1. roger refuse

    Alessandra is a beautiful woman……………not as beautiful and magnificent as she was 10 years ago but still quite gorgeous but damn she sure is in love with herself. It does get annoying after awhile. What is it with all the body contortions on the beach? Just play volleyball…………..which is fun as hell. I love volleyball. All the people playing there are attractive people but they all look like they are more aware of exactly how they look than with just having fun playing a great game. Vanity is a bore after awhile.

  2. Slim

    Holy fuck! Is that Marty Smith in there? What the fuck? Surprised he isn’t jerking it too a Nick Saban photo spread.

    1. Dieter

      …but I’m a custard connoisseur so it’s of no importance to me. Make the she a he with a hairy ass and now you’re on to something. Thankfully, this set has the man candy I need.


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