17 thoughts on “Alejandra Guilmant Naked (7 Photos)

  1. Andreas

    holy shit this has got to be one of the most beautiful and sexiest women alive….gorgeous breasts, gorgeous ass, and the perfect figure or curves….just simply stunning!!!!!!!

  2. gumbosoup

    In some previous posts there was some discussion about Emily Ratajkowski vs Alejandra Guilmant. To me Alejandra Guilmant wins and these pictures prove why. Emily Ratajkowski is ridiculously hot don’t get me wrong, but her lips are freakishly large, distractingly so. And her belly button is gross. I know those are nitpicky little things but when comparing two perfect 10/10’s I have to say Alejandra Guilmant wins my a lip and a belly button. She’s flawless.

    1. Dizz

      100% aggree. Emily is totally stunning too, no doubt. This girl though, didnt know she existed til this post. I can’t see 1 thing wrong with her. Usually super hot girls have weird fucked up toes or 1 “ecccck” thing about them, not her though. She wins by a mile and i can’t think of a celeb that beats her all round package. Sure, some have way better face, cuter, prettier, but they have the body of Ed Asner. This chick has the face and the body….my new #1 celeb, sorry Bella Thorne. 🙁


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