19 thoughts on “Abigail Breslin Cleavage (15 Photos)

  1. CK

    Simply jawdropping. I first saw these months ago, but still worth seeing every single time. She’s put on weight, but it looks great on her. It’s added more meat to her tits and nothing wrong with that, of course. Sure hope she gets brave enough to show them one day.

    1. jimmy

      You dummies realize she has had nudes leaked, right? Her roast beef snatch and gross lardy body is out there for all to see.

      Without her makeup and clothes shes really not flattering.

  2. Severin

    She’s not fat yet but she will be if she isn’t careful. That said, her blue eyes, porcelain skin, and of course her big ‘ol titties are lovely. It would be wonderful if a video of her “Scream Queens” costar Keke Palmer sucking on those big tits were to surface (anything is possible with these millennials). In case that doesn’t happen, hopefully she’s comfortable enough with her weight to go nude soon.

  3. knoggen

    Shame she got fat. She was so adorable when she was younger, I had hopes of her becoming an attractive actress but nope.
    She’s just gonna fade into obscurity.

  4. Itsyourman

    I’d love to spend a bit of time with her, not only would I eat that pussy till she passed out of fuck it raw as well.


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